Brown chocolate wool hat

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The Vaquita in chocolate color is a fav for men and women because its easy to combine with any outfit!!! If you are fall in colors, this will be your ideal hat and the fashionable band is 100% leather with a hairy texture to make it chic and authentic. The brim is ideal cause its not too big and not too short, just perfect, about 4..5 inches, depending on size, color of hat may change and also the band cause all our products are leather and organic fabrics, but picture shows the right color. The Crown is not very high so the shape is nice and has an ergonomic shape with a bit of hardness at upper Crown of 4.5 inches, but this depends of size. The band is also detachable so you can change color and get another Malosa band and transform your hat  every tiem you go out!!! This goes very well with blondes and tan people or people who likes to dress in terracota colors like Brown, beige and gold.

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Weight 2 lbs
Dimensions 19 × 13 × 6 in

XL, S, M, L


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