Made in México


Malosa was founded in Mexico in 2008. Its a premium quality
brand and our designs goes from jewelry, hats, shoes, clothing
and accessories, to home collection and decoration.


Malosa is a brand from Tulúm, Mexico, established since 2008 by Isabel Molina. It portrays a lifestyle based on unique designs and tribal pieces, including everything from shoes and hats to home collections, clothing, jewelry and accessories.

Malosa reflects the bohemian lifestyle of Tulúm on the vibrant Mexican Caribbean, influenced by Xamanic culture.





In Malosa we appreciate the labor and beauty of handmade pieces and we support slow fashion. We promote fair trade with Mayan communities and we work with them from our studio in Tulúm and throughout the Yucatán Peninsula.

We think that Mayan embroidery is an art and its our mission to support these talented women and bring a little of their Mayan culture into our designs. By purchasing our products you help indigenous women and their families.

The Malosa team also curates art pieces from other countries with the same bohemian vibe, incorporating these pieces to our own collections. We believe our designs should help support designers and artisans, and promote talent from different cultures and countries to preserve ancient techniques of weaving and sewing from places like Peru, Colombia, Guatemala, Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and native American tribes. We honor their heritage and ancient cultures, by trying to preserve their art so that it may reach future generations.

Isabel Molina


Creative Director

La Malosa

Isabel @la_malosa grew up in the Yucatán Peninsula and after years living and travelling around the world finally settled in Tulúm for a while. She now lives part-time in both Tulum and Chicago, occasionally escaping to Miami when it gets too cold. Her goal is to curate a chic bohemian lifestyle and put it all together under one brand.

On November 2020 Isabel opened the first @malosatulum boutique in the United States; and this spring 2021, the Malosa team will open at next door location, the Art Venue: @malosagallery at Lake View, Chicago, to hold art exhibitions from local and international artists, always with the focus by supporting creativity and making pop ups to promote music, art, fashion and culture.